Roger Ballen "Ballenesque"

On Friday, October 13th, Roger Ballen's mesmerising universe was presented in an old circus tent for a one-night-only at Aker Brygge in Oslo. A selection of analogue photographs combined with movies, projections and a very distinctive soundscape by the Norwegian sound artist Timon Botez enabled those present to experience Ballen´s

incomprehensible visionary world in an entirely new way. A Virtual Reality version of BALLENESQUE produced by OONI had its world premiére in the Circus tent that night. The event was a result of a close collaboration with Willas Contemporary. Read More...

Collective 2017

Five international artists shaping the new frontier of fashion art join forces to give a unique insight into the freedom evolving technology allows to erase distinctions between art, fashion and medias. The exhibition takes place in an old sircus tent at Aker Brygge, Oslo and includes artwork in different kinds of media like photography, films, projections, soundscape and lightscape.  

The artists are Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Campbell Addy, Eloise Parry, Vicki King and Samantha Casolari. They all have a strong message and are documenting their point of view in each of their own very visually stunning way. 

“I like telling my stories through imagery and I think it’s about time that people, especially black people, began controlling our stories”  –Campbell Addy


In an exhibition dedicated to show the new norwegian visual culture; Signe Fuglesteg Luksengård, Anette Moi, Marthe A. Andersen, Ulrikke Falch, Martin Høye, McZaint and Sindre Braathen exhibits photography, illustrations, video art and installations during the Uncontaminater Oslo Fashion Art Festival 2017 at Aker Brygge.

These seven young artists from one of the continuously voted happiest countries in the world raise their voice with an underlying eclectic uproar exploring growing up in a country who seemingly have it all.

Ling Ling Grand Opening

Bjarne Melgaard + Bob Recine

BLOOD, STONES AND CERTAIN BEASTS features Bjarne Melgaard and Bob Recine’s combined creations, melting the universes of the two artists into refreshingly new expressions. Paint, plastic, hair, make-up, doll-like figures and various other elements juxtapose their individual work.

The experimental interdisciplinary studio Void has created site specific light sculptures for the exhibitions, thus challenging the traditional way to view art, aiming to change the perception of the total experience.

As part of an on-going collaboration with Bjarne Melgaard, Snøhetta has created a set of interdependent pedestals for Bjarne’s sculptures – adding a new yet fusional dimension, mirroring their shape. Importance has been placed on function and support, facilitating a new angle of experience.

"I unify all of my seemingly varied worlds — of 'fashion', of 'art', of 'study' — for people to see that all is interconnected" –Bob Recine

Collective 2016

 The spirit of UNCONTAMINATED 2016’s COLLECTIVE exhibition is haunted by an eclectic non-conformity; an artistic tendency catalyzed by a rapidly changing world and a hunger for individual freedom. The exhibition includes Amanda Charchian, Arielle Chiara, Petra Collins, Lea Colombo, Charlie Engman, Isabel Martinez and Synchrodogs.

Through FRAME, a joint collaboration with Planeta and Snøhetta, UNCONTAMINATED also seeks to challenge traditional ways of exhibiting art, by presenting works in a virtual space exploring new viewpoints of light and unexpected placement of the medium.

"Beauty is the irrational combined with amusement, and the perfect art piece would be a meaningful expression that brings this kind of beauty to the world." –Synchrodogs