Ulrikke Falch

“I’m a #prettyprincess because I am funny and strong! What about you?”


Actor and Multi Media Artist
City of residence, TRONDHEIM, NOR



Ulrikke Falch from the tv series Shame engages her over one million Instagram followers in a debate about being a girl. With # like #prettyprincess and #girlpower she encourages girls all over the world to voice their  opinions and engagement.

“I want you to treat yourself well and engage yourself in topics that means something to you. Post your self-portrait with the hash tag #prettyprincess and tell me what it means to you to be a girl”

“To the lonely people tonight: we all feel insufficient and alone at times. Especially in the holidays, forcing ourself to have a good time, to smile. Do not compare your life with others. We are not a project to improve. We will never reach the ideals, idealize yourself.
I hope your night gives you good, happy, chocolate thoughts.”