Pierre Ange Carlotti

"I’m present on Instagram, i have deleted Facebook and twitter from my phone and lost the passwords, Instagram is very 1984."


City of residence, PARIS, FR




COL: Who are you and what do you do?
PAC:My name is Pierre-Ange Carlotti and i’m a photographer.

COL: What characterize you work? How would you describe your personal style?
PAC: I do intimate documentation

COL: How do your own experiences influence your work?
PAC: It’s all about them

COL: What will you be showing at the uncontaminated festival?  
PAC: Pictures of the most important women in my life and footage of total strangers walking on the beach. Everything shot in my hometown in Corsica. 

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COL: What do you want to communicate through your work? Is there a message - political or otherwise?
PAC: All i want to talk about is love. 

COL: Do artists of today have some kind of of social responsibility?
PAC: When you expose yourself to an audience perhaps you get a chance to impact on some of them directly. 

COL: What does uncontaminated mean for you?
PAC: It sounds rude to me

COL: What is the most important thing in your life?
PAC: People i care about

COL: How do you feel right now?
PAC: A certain kind of stoned

COL: If you could change one thing in the world today, what would it be?
PAC: I would make it possible to walk on the sea from Corsica to Italy.  

COL: What are the main reasons you are joining us for the festival this year?
PAC: I just did a book signing in Berlin at the 032C workshop and it was the very first time i was doing something outside of my town - Paris - without a brand and a team, just on my own with my personal work and my name and it happened to be a very interesting experience. People come without gloves, either they like it or they don’t but they’re not here because they are your friends.
I enjoyed that honesty. 

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COL: What is the most important drive for you to create and why?
PAC: I’m scared of losing the need to create, because this need is very independent from me.
I often realize that something exists only after living it. 

COL: Who or what do you value as a great inspiration for you creatively?
PAC: People that chocked me, Virginie Despentes, Robert Mapplethorpe,
Gaspar Noé, 

COL: Can you elaborate on an important moment in your life where you experienced a big change, choose to make one or another event which altered your way of thinking or your approach to
creativity ?
PAC: When i shot for Jacquemus the first time, it was the first time i did a job with my images, and my zero technic and my films and my little camera. I realized that time that this was work.