Pierre Ange Carlotti

"I’m present on Instagram, I have deleted Facebook and twitter from my phone and lost the passwords, Instagram is very 1984."



Shooting intimate portraits of his friends, collaborators and lovers as they cross the City of Light in a whirl of hedonistic youth, Pierre Ange-Carlotti is the documentarian of Paris' 21st century youth.

Pierre-Ange Carlotti is the enfant terrible of Parisian society. He has proved, with a daring approach to photography, that his vision is not only defiant and provocative, but also a document of a fascinating reality that often escapes the public eye. His work is a delightful blend of French savoir faire and the boldness of youth. He is friends with many of the most important young icons of the fashion industry in Paris, and as a photographer he has become the favourite documentarian of the alternative lifestyle of the city's youth.

– I-D.vice


COL: Who are you and what do you do?
PAC: My name is Pierre-Ange Carlotti and I’m a photographer.

COL: What characterize you work? How would you describe your personal style?
PAC: I do intimate documentation.

COL: How do your own experiences influence your work?
PAC: It’s all about them.

COL: What will you be showing at the uncontaminated festival?  
PAC: Pictures of the most important women in my life and footage of total strangers walking on the beach. Everything shot in my hometown in Corsica. 

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COL: What do you want to communicate through your work? Is there a message - political or otherwise?
PAC: All I want to talk about is love. 

COL: Do artists of today have some kind of of social responsibility?
PAC: When you expose yourself to an audience perhaps you get a chance to impact on some of them directly. 

COL: What is the most important thing in your life?
PAC: People I care about.

COL: How do you feel right now?
PAC: A certain kind of stoned.

COL: If you could change one thing in the world today, what would it be?
PAC: I would make it possible to walk on the sea from Corsica to Italy.  

COL: What are the main reasons you are joining us for the festival this year?
PAC: I just did a book signing in Berlin at the 032C workshop and it was the very first time I was doing something outside of my town - Paris - without a brand and a team, just on my own with my personal work and my name and it happened to be a very interesting experience. People come without gloves, either they like it or they don’t but they’re not here because they are your friends. I enjoyed that honesty. 

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COL: What is the most important drive for you to create and why?
PAC: I’m scared of losing the need to create, because this need is very independent from me. I often realize that something exists only after living it. 

COL: Who or what do you value as a great inspiration for you creatively?
PAC: People that have shocked me, Virginie Despentes, Robert Mapplethorpe and Gaspar Noé. 

COL: Can you elaborate on an important moment in your life where you experienced a big change, choose to make one or another event which altered your way of thinking or your approach to creativity ?
PAC: When I shot for Jacquemus the first time, it was the first time I did a job with my images, and my zero technic and my films and my little camera. I realized that time that this was work. 


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