Offbeat 2018

Kit Wan Exhibition for Collective 2018

Edda Gimnes Exhibition for Collective 2018

OFFBEAT is a group exhibition featuring emerging Nordic talents ranging from classic painting to Instagram artists. OFFBEAT stages a platform for the new youth culture and raise debates about the expressions of art in our digital era.

The OFFBEAT exhibit 2018:

OFFBEAT 2018 focused on the fuse of technology and old-fashioned handcraft. It´s about finding one’s identity and roots and adding the digital. We transformed designers Edda Gimnes exhibit area into a world in full bloom with oversized flower prints and design pieces placed around it´s garden in the same pattern and Kit Wan´s into a world of high technology and futurism. The other artists Berglind Rognvaldsdottir, Guttestreker, Eirik Lyster, Lieu Le and Adrian Platkosvky staged live performances, video work, photography and paintings and digital paintings around the museum. 3D animation with a soundscape projected on top of traditional paintings, a hallway full of nipples to encourage the audience to reflect on sexuality, bubblegum and dance on the moon. 

The National Museums location Mellomstasjonen housed this exhibit in a collaboration with COLLECTIVE and The National Museum in Oslo. 4500 people came to see the exhibit and mingle with the artists.


“It’s impossible to time the creative energy, but I also think that’s the beauty of the creative work.” – Edda Gimnes