Offbeat 2017

OFFBEAT is a group exhibition featuring emerging Nordic talents ranging from classic painting to Instagram artists. OFFBEAT stages a platform for the new youth culture and raise debates about the expressions of art in our digital era.

The OFFBEAT exhibit 2017:

In an exhibition dedicated to show the new Norwegian visual culture; Signe Fuglesteg Luksengård, Anette Moi, Marthe A. Andersen, Ulrikke Falch, Martin Høye, McZaint and Sindre Braathen exhibits photography, illustrations, video art and installations during the Uncontaminated Oslo Fashion Art Festival 20127.

These seven young artists from one of the continuously voted happiest countries in the world raise their voice with an underlying eclectic uproar exploring growing up in a country who seemingly have it all.

Collective set up multiple projection videos and walls for photography and paintings in the artist sections and matched each video with a sound scape. The artists for this exhibit each had a strong visual mission such as feminism and politics. feminism // Ulrikke Falch, politics // Anette Moi, The Norwegian cultural history in a modern setting //Signe Fuglesteg Luksengård etc. The exhibit opening was launched on NRK Kveldsnytt and online platform.