Mikkel Wennesland

"Fashion is a bit like architecture in the way that its always there and all up in your face unless you move out into the woods by yourself or something."


Mikkel Wennesland
Architect and visual artist
City of residence,  OSLO, NORWAY


Location: Bryggetorget

Date and time:

Art Takeover: Thursday 11 October 18:00 - 21:00

Exhibition is up 12 & 13 October  12:00 - 19:00

Q & A:

COL: How old are you and where are you from? 

MW: I am 29 years and I come from Norway

COL: What do you do?

MW: I am an architect and a visual artist with a passion for larger scale installation works.

COL: How long have you been doing it?

MW: 7 years give or take.

COL: What inspired you to pursue a career in art?

MW: With a musician father and a mother working in the theater I grew up surrounded by artistic impressions. After playing around in mystical theater corridors and surround by props, costumes and puppets, I developed a particular love for playful or dramatic situations and sceneries. Later, after studying architecture, this love was complimented by an increasing interest in the language of forms and materials and how these relate to the spaces they occupy. My work is a lot about what I hope is or will become a particular expression combining the above.

COL: Do you remember your first work of art?

MW: The first contemplated, planned and finished one was probably a sort of flying sculpture made from sheets of cardboard that I did for a group exhibition with some fellow architecture students at K4 gallery in Prague.

COL: If you could have any piece of art in history, what would you choose?

MW: My favorite works of art are not those intended to be owned by a person alone.

COL: What is your relationship with fashion?

MW: My relationship to fashion has mostly been through the skateboarding and arts scene. Fashion is a bit like architecture in the way that its always there and all up in your face unless you move out into the woods by yourself or something.

COL: What does the word “collective” mean to you as an artist? 

MW: Collaboration, unity, community.

COL: What is the best and worst thing about being an artist?

MW: Sometimes I get that feeling, that awe inspiring one. Thats a really cool feeling and its one of my favorite ones. Whats the worst? Pass..

COL: Who do you admire?

MW: Amongst others: Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Richard Serra, Peter Zumthor, Peter Haimerl + A lot of artist from my hometown that I grew up around that got me into art and that have become really cool artists. Lasse Årikstad, Ann-Cathrin November Høibo, Tori Vrånes, ++

COL: What can we expect to see at this year’s festival?

MW: Something architectonic.

COL: Who are you excited to see?

MW: I know Maria Pasenau is crazy and I like a lot of her photos.

COL: How important is the ability to expose your art to you and your creative field?

MW: Essential.