Mixed Media Artist
City of residence, OSLO, NOR


Ninni Nyhus aka McZaint is a 24 year old artist from Tjøme, now living in Oslo.
From a young age she did a lot of acting and theatre work, including joining a progressive theatre group when she was 16.

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At the age of 19 she became a student at Westerdals School of communication, where she took her bachelor degree in TV- and Filmmaking. Her BA project was “McZaint”. McZaint is a video- and picture project on instagram with video collages and video performances around the subjects of pop culture, feminism and internet. After her three years at Westerdals, she worked freelance with design of clothes, music videos, instagram and her podcast Venninnadi. In october 2016 she also contributed with a video to the artshow “Hjemme Hos” at the Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo. This fall she has started studying at Kunstakademiet at Oslo National Acadamy of Fine Arts.

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