Johnny Dufort



Johnny Dufort
City of Residence: NEW YORK CITY, NY



Johnny Dufort is a photographer from Cornwall who is currently living and working in London. That’s about all we know of him thus far, but we’re dead certain it won’t be the case for long; the young’un was picked up by i-D earlier this summer as one of the new generation of photographers, and as they so aptly phrased it, “learn their names, because you’re going to need them!”

His work is bold and vibrant, combining surreal compositions and striking subjects to create oddly beguiling glimpses into the characters he and his camera are drawn to. We’re especially enamoured by these portraits, which are almost reminiscent of the Olan Mills photoshoots your Mum would drag you to when you were a nipper, except with striking and bizarre elements of digital manipulation which turn old school photographic portraiture completely on its head. We’re certain this isn’t going to be the last we see of him.

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