Isabelita Virtual

"I come from the advertising world. I’m used to work with concepts and ideas."



Isabelita Virtual
City of Residence: BARCELONA, SPAIN



Awarded as a copywriter in the most prestigios advertising festivals such as Cannes lions, Clio or D&AD. Featured in the 100 most influential Spanish women’s list 2014 and 2015. Best photographers of the year 2013 Photovogue by Vogue Italia.

One of the most followed anonymous Instagram galleries in the world. 




COL: What is your general vision as an artist?
IV: I don't want to be dogmatic about what I'm doing. To make statements makes you a prisioner. I prefer to be free. I love to experiment, to go further, to make mistakes is part of the process. But trying to do it mantaining the soul. I'm not worried about being modern or classic. But if modernity means to be 'now' I don't want to be modern at all.

COL: What motivates you (main inspiration/muse)? 
IV: As a child, I used to watch my mother working as a needlewoman , painstakingly sewing couture pieces for an atelier. She designed wonderful buttons in a small spanish village for maisons as Pertegaz or Balenciaga. I loved her sense of colour and shapes, that incredible work do it in a place so far away from the fashion world. That magical realism is in the essence of my work.

Kaa Bracelet.jpg

COL: Why did you choose this particular artistic medium?
IV: I didn't chose it. It happened by chance. 

Technology made me lose the fear of  technique. I began to take photos with the limitations of a device. A limited tool with unlimited possibilities. It's not about technique but about instinct.

COL: What is your idea of the perfect piece of art?
IV: The one that shows you beauty in an unexpected way.

Also the one that you can look as many times as you wish and still you can find something new in this silent conversation.


COL: What - in your opinion - is the main difference between fashion and art?
IV: I think that sometimes it's not about what but about where. If you look at an Irving Penn's piece in a museum inmeditaly comes up to your mind the impression  that you're in front of an art piece. When you see this same photo in a magazine it was just fashion.

COL: What is your definition of beautiful?
IV: Something that as most you look at it the most you like it.

COL: How do you choose to interact with/ ignore or use commerce in your work?
IV: When I'm working for a brand I know that the main goal is selling. If the client appreciate your work, then it's easy to have fun and to do something great for both. So, for me it's very important to work with the ones that connect with my vision.

COL: Is there a message to be read from your work, politically or otherwise?
IV: I realized that in a lot of my works the face of the main character is hidden totally or partially. I did this in an unconscious way. I think that seeking the identity not showing the identity is part of a message. In this 'selfie' era where the ego is the main character is an interesting experiment.


COL: How has digital media opened up creative possibilities for you as an artist? 
IV: I'm here because digital media made it possible. In all the senses, made it possible my work and also to rise awareness about what I do.

COL: What is your greatest extravagance?
IV: To be normal. 

COL: What is your motto?
IV: Work hard and be nice to people.

COL: What other artistic field would you like to excel in?
IV: Writing, architecture and philosophy are fields that I'm interested in. 


COL: How would you describe your signature style?
IV: People say colour, feminity and mystery. I pretty agree.

COL: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
IV: To be loved.


COL: Where do you pull your references?
IV: From everybody does, I guess...museums, books, internet...I try to find what is the link between all those things that I love. What  that song with that book with that picture has in common.

COL: What is uncontaminated to you?
IV: Uncontaminated is a blank page where everything needs to be written.