Kit Wan

“I think I am a person who has two minds in one. One is very enthusiastic, impulsive, while the other is very rational and systematic.”


Q & A:

KIT WAN (28)
Fashion designer/ multi-media artist
Hong Kong/Paris

CO: This collection is part two of your collaboration with Collective and Epson Norge and Epson Europe. Tell us about this experience and what you have gotten out if it?

KW: It’s been a great experience as we were flown into Paris to visit the Epson studio to see the latest printing machines and get to get our hands on them for our printed fabrics. To be there to see the whole process of printing. For me, it is a very important experience as well, as my collections are 3D rendered imagers oriented and it allows me to go full-on on my artistic expression of my work.         

CO: Tell us about your new collection FW2019.

KW: “Chapter 001 第壹章:  The Clanging Beloved ” is a love story between a man and his motorbike.This chapter begins with the story of Freder , a purus ( non-bionic human ) from a notorious local bike gang, who falls in love with his motorbike #921124 in the sense of mechanophilia. As his desire and affection grow, Freder undergoes human alteration treatment to become one with his motobike. #920124 is the most faithful campanion to Freder’s unruly, yet romance-fueled life and is the carrier of all his pride and love,when he has no one to count on.  

The mobile suit and mechanical aesthetic of my work is continuously prominent with a hint of romance, and is further developed in this F/W19 collection. With key high-waisted and full/knee-length pieces, the silhouette of low-slung motobikes are recreated on the body. The essence of prints is put onthe matellic texture, reflection and fluidity of metal pieces in dim-light setting, while being still or be in motion.  

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 12.58.03.png
“Barndom 2”

CO: What are your strengths?

KW: I would say my eyes for colors and visuals

CO: What are your weaknesses?

KW: I am very impatient

CO: Describe your personality.

KW: I think I am a person who has two minds in one. One is very enthusiastic, impulsive, while the other is very rational and systematic.

CO: What drove you to become a fashion designer?

KW: Fashion gives me a three dimensional space to bring my vision to life on bodies. To create a very intimate relationship between my work and the bodies. 

CO: Tell us about your fascination with 3D animation? And how you use this in your designs.

KW: I think 3D animation gives me the 3 dimensional space to articulate and actualise my design process and ideas in real time,  which sometimes would give an instant result for me to adjust and improvise right away. I look at it like a virtual movie setting to place all my elements and inspiration into a 17” screen, and to test out all the possibility with shapes, lighting, physical simulations, textures etc. And from there, I draw more inspiration from it and to translate those ideas into different physical presentation like clothing or sculptures.


CO: What was the first thing you ever designed and how do you feel about it now?

KW: As far as I remember, it must be a cocktail dress that was made out of styrofoam. I still think it was an interesting design but I could have done it in a way more elaborated way 10 years after. 

CO: How was your exposure to art and design growing up?

KW: When I grew up, we didn't have a lot of exposure or time to art and design because of the intense schedule for school. But I did growing up watching a lot of manga and anime in between study times when I was a kid, and I think it really forms the foundation for my aesthetics and senses towards art and design when I got older to really invested a lot of time and study in art and design.

CO: Who were your early influences?

KW: René Magritte and Hussein Chalayan are two of the artists that I look up to the most, even till today.

CO: Did you assist?

KW: Yes, I used to intern a lot in different designers’ studios in Europe before.

CO: Do you have a secret project?

KW: I am currently working on an extended project from my FW19 collection with a collective group of artists on the topic of mechanophilia. They are performance artist, painter, photographer, videographer and an international big name artist that hopefully would be on board with it eventually.

CO: How do you see the future?

KW: I think we will reach the state of equilibrium in terms of culture, social structure, technology and finance etc, and we will recalibrate.

CO: Are you a perfectionist?

KW: I would not say I am a total perfectionist. But I want to give it all of myself and devote myself into things that I work with or are responsible for in the given time-span. But then I am more than happy to let go when the time has come and move on to the next.

CO: Can you live a normal life?

KW: I think I am living a very normal life and it keeps me very grounded which I am extremely thankful for.

“Bare for lystens skyld”
Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 13.01.01.png

CO: Have you ever thought: This should be so much more than that?

KW: Of course! Whatever work that I create myself or by some else’s, the first question that I always ask is how can it be or could’ve been taken further than just this. And it applies to my own personal life as well.

CO: Do you ever have doubts about your carrier choice?

KW: I do. I have it everyday but I learn to accept it, live with it and do not allow it to take over my mind.

CO: What harsh truths do you prefer to ignore?

KW: That we don’t have an after-life. When we die, we would just disappear from this universe 

CO: Is free will just an illusion?

KW: In my opinion, free-will only exists if you have no aspiration/ responsibility at all in life. Otherwise, it is always a trade-off for things you truly want to do and things you’d have to give up on at the same time.

CO: Where do you find meaning in your life?

KW: From my family.

CO: What is the most important goal every person should have?

KW: Be a kind person, do not harm while on the way to where you want to be.

Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 12.57.28.png
“Drømmen om å ikke dø alene”

CO: If all your memories were erased, what kind of person would you be?

KW: I would become a new-born again.

CO: Are there limits to human creativity?

KW: To a certain extent yes. But with technology, it expands the limited visions we could ever imagine with our current brain capacity to elevate our creativity.

CO: Is human creativity just rearranging and building on previous ideas?

KW: Yes and No. I believe that all ideas come from our true instinct which is shared among our ancestors through generations.One could have the same idea as someone from the past, but it does not mean that one’s idea makes references from the person in the past just because he/she did it first. And of course my society and culture keep evolving which gives us new perspectives and context to propel our creativity which people in the past were not exposed to.

CO: Is technological advancement positive or negative?

KW: For me it is a big positive. It is like everything in our life, it always depends on how you use it in your own favour, without letting it override yourself.

CO: If you could ask yourself a question, what would it be? 

KW: How far can I go and push my work?

“Barndom 1”
Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 12.59.53.png
Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 12.59.49.png

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