"Exposeure is Alfa Omega for artists. Without it, you could be the next Michelangelo, and no one would ever know."


Guttestreker - Petter Malterud Grøndahl & Christoffer Kroge Christensen
City of residence,  OSLO, NORWAY



Location: Støperigata 2, Aker Brygge

Date and time:

Art Takeover: Thursday 11 October 18:00 - 21:00

Exhibition is up 12 & 13 October  12:00 - 19:00 

Q & A:

COL: How old are you and where are you from? 

PMG: Both us are 28. Petter is from Nærsnes, a small town outside of Oslo. Christoffer is also from a small-town outside of Oslo called Drøbak, on the other side of the fjord from Pete

COL: What do you do?

PMG: Drawing very detailed drawings with pen and markers mainly, but also paint and digital painting. Sometimes mixing them together when we feel for it.

CKC: We try to create pictures that make the viewer reflect on what it means to be a human today. We use a lot of bright colors and details to allure the viewer in to the picture, so that the message can sneak in to the subconsciousness.

COL: How long have you been doing it?

CKC: We have been drawing together for almost 3 years now. It all started when Peter invited Christoffer over for some drawing and beers. Soon after, we had our first exhibition together at a small festival called Rotløs. From there on we called ourself Guttestreker, and been drawing together since.

COL: What inspired you to pursue a career in art?

PMG: For me (Petter) it was more of an outlet of creativity that I needed to get out, and art is the most freely flow of creativity. The whole process is organic and was never a dream of mine when I was young. It just kind of felt right, and still does.

CKC: For me its all about letting out the thoughts thats grinding in my head. There are so much injustice in the world that needs to be addressed. To combine the love of drawing with philosophy and politics makes the perfect day at work.

COL: Do you remember your first work of art?

PMG: It was in grade 6 or 7 I think. I was 11 or 12. I painted waves, clouds and a big cliff and made a clay dolphin glued on the canvas with a splash around it. Like it was jumping out of the ocean. A 3d painting. The interested thing about it, is that I still really enjoy drawing waves, clouds, cliffs and animals. Its basically what I do, and colors, they are my favorite.

CKC: My first work of art was in 8th grade, in arts and crafts class. I made a sculpture out of my mothers old childrens chair from the 50´s and put a lit candle on top. Barbwire was then warped around the chair and candle. The piece was a homage to Amnesty Internationals important work, supporting people in captivity all around the world.

COL: If you could have any piece of art in history, what would you choose?

PMG: Im really into Jean «Moebius» Giraud right now. So it must be one of his works for Hermés

CKC: I whould choose a pice by Grant Wood or of course Munch or Van Gogh.

COL: What is your relationship with fashion?

PMG: Pretty laidback, but I do not feel good if I do not look good. Even though that sounds superficial, I think everyone can relate to it, but I care less and less as I get older.

CKC: Before I found my passion in art, I was very focused on looking different from the other kids. I have allways felt different, and has felt the need to show it. Now as I am more confident in my work as an artist, I can relax more, and let the pictures do the talking. I still enjoy picking out a great outfit and love the feeling of looking good.

COL: What does the word “collective” mean to you as an artist?

PMG: A group of creative people doing something together

CKC: For me, it means the opportunity to build on each others ides. To be inspired by the partner or partners and evolve as an artist. Two heads think better then one.

COL: What is the best and worst thing about being an artist?

PMG: Working hours. It can for sure be the best, but also the worst. Your brain always seeking routines and stability. Therefore working whenever you’re creative, can mess you a bit up mentally. Im used to it now, but in the beginning going from 9-5 to whenever, I didn’t cope with it very well. I quit my job and thought it was going to be smooth sailing from there on, but too much free time on my hand made me less productive and depressed the first months. I need to do something all the time. I must also say trying new things and experimenting, especially with colors and perspectives.

CKC: The best thing about being an artist is to create art that others can enjoy. To use the time we have on earth, to make something new. A new perspective that make people think and ultimately make a change in the world for the better. Its also a great privilege to be able to leave something behind, after we are gone from this earth.

The worst thing is probably the constant self doubt that the piece you are working on is not good enough.

COL: Who do you admire?

PMG: Surfers and skaters with an unique style, basically everyone who does their own thing, and pulls it off with great style. Effortlessly.

CKC: I admire people that stand up for those who can not fight for them selfs. I also admire great wisdom. To name a personal hero, it has to be Noam Chomsky. I can listen to him speak for hours, and would love to meet him some day.

for the love of fjords.liten2SS.jpg

COL: What can we expect to see at this year’s festival?

CKC: We will bring our newest pieces to our exhibition. Some are made with pen and pencil, some are made electronic, and some are a mix of both. They will all be based in deep philosophical thought, with a clear political purpose and lots of beautiful colors.

COL: Who are you excited to see?

PMG: Extraweg. His stuff has find his way into my IG a bunch of times, I always end up watching the animation over and over again, and thinking «what the fuck I’m watching» .

CKC: I love the style of Maria Pasenau, so Im looking forward to see what she has in stall for us.

COL: How important is the ability to expose your art to you and your creative field?

CKC: Exposeure is Alfa Omega for artists. Without it, you could be the next Michelangelo, and no one would ever know.

Instagram is a very effective way to expose your self. There, people from all around the world can find your art. Here we have connected with artist from all around the world, and lately we had an exhibition where we invited some of the artists, that we have connected with trough Instagram, to show their work along side us.