Franzisca Siegrist


Performance Artist
City of residence, OSLO, NOR



Franzisca Siegrist is interested in the possibilities of her body and observes its relationship with time and space. Usually she uses mundane or custom made objects to create pieces where the objects are taken out of their regular context and given a new meaning.

The range of topics she deals with can vary, however there is always a connection to her background and every day life and how she experiences society. As a result, her works often bridge absurdity and poetry.


"Route of Roots" Is an ongoing performance project that
explores varied shapes and affiliation. 

Route of Roots

Roots flying, roots grounding

Roots in spaces – sometimes up, sometimes down


Routes created from place to place

Different spaces – trying to fit

Fitting from space to space – from box to box

Routes creating roots

Roots creating routes

Route of Roots