Dusan Reljin "In the Matrix, a Kate Moss Project"

Art direction and production by COLLECTIVE.

An ongoing art collaboration between film maker and photographer Dusan Reljin and Kate Moss resulted in this beautiful and intimate exhibition of 10 hologram scans printed on Chromaluxe for the COLLECTIVE festival 2018. The prints were exhibited I the main hall of The National Museums location Mellomstasjonen. The audience were so mesmerized with the prints that they could not keep their hands off the prints, literally. The COLLECTIVE crew had to swipe the prints clean each day of the exhibition durance. A good thing the Chromaluxe printing technique allows touch without damage. 

A film with the same hologram scans is in the making and will be launched in the new year of 2019.


"These images represent the vortex between our reality and dreams"
– Dusan Reljin