Create a better tomorrow, tonight

Party, Exhibition, Event, Performance

Art direction and production by COLLECTIVE.

In a collaboration with Absolut, COLLECTIVE gave 5 Norwegian artists, Julian Karlsen, Christian Husan, Tord Torpe, Derek Ercolano and Helle Navratil grants to create works of art for the exhibition “Create a better tomorrow, tonight” 60 000 people were exposed for the art works during the 3 days the exhibition was up. 

To celebrate the exhibition COLLECTIVE staged a party in the main indoor shopping street of Aker Brygge with the art works as center pieces. All 600 guests were treated savory dishes from Asia, and drinks from Absolut. William French and Bendik Giske performed and Dj´d throughout the night and the art hub Lyssky projected art films on a giant size projection screen.