Border 2017

The artists Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Campbell Addy, Eloise Parry, Vicki King and Samantha Casolari all have a strong message and are documenting their point of view in each of their own very visually stunning way. Pierre Ange landed the Vetements campaign after documenting the changing underground Paris fashion scene with styling Lotta Volkova. Campbell Addy implements politics in both his photography and films as well as being a spokesperson for the “black lives matter” movement. This year’s BORDER group follows the mission of the BORDER philosophy, breaking boundaries and seeking the most vibrant frequencies.

Border 2017 took place as a one-day only exhibition in an old circus tent by the harbor in Oslo and included artwork in different kinds of media like photography, films, projections, sound and lightscape. Huge projection screens and white walls were carefully curated to interact with the audience. All the artists partook the exhibit opening and a Talk where they discussed the mission of their work.

“I like telling my stories through imagery and I think it’s about time that people, especially black people, began controlling our stories”
– Campbell Addy