Border 2016

The spirit of UNCONTAMINATED 2016’s BORDER exhibition is haunted by an eclectic non-conformity; an artistic tendency catalyzed by a rapidly changing world and a hunger for individual freedom. The exhibition includes Amanda Charchian, Arielle Chiara, Petra Collins, Lea Colombo, Charlie Engman, Isabel Martinez and Synchrodogs. The 2016 BORDER artists belong to the new frontiers who have a strong agenda. Petra Collins is the modern feminist, Lea Colombo went back to her home country South Africa and documented their religion and superstism. Amanda Charchian rebels against women’s rights, or the lack of it. 

Border 2016 took place as a one-day only exhibition at Skur 13 in Oslo. Huge art works where placed on raw concrete walls and colorful boxes were produced for the exhibition. Charlie Engmans space were wall papered and overhanging art photographs looked like they were part of the wallpaper. The design hub VOID created an interactive light show to compliment the exhibition space and works.

Through FRAME, a joint collaboration with COLLECTIVE, Ooni and Snøhetta, we wanted to challenge traditional ways of exhibiting art, by presenting works in a virtual space exploring new viewpoints of light and unexpected placement of the medium in virtual reality.


“Women´s emotions are constantly labeled. Any slight deviation from so-called pleasantness and we are labeled as hysterical”
- Petra Collins

"Beauty is the irrational combined with amusement, and the perfect art piece would be a meaningful expression that brings this kind of beauty to the world."
– Synchrodogs