Border 2018

The BORDER group exhibition recklessly seeks the most vibrant frequency in art and fashion. It features some of the most exciting new breed of International and national artists embracing photography, design, films and digital medias exploring and breaking boundaries in the intersection within art and fashion. 

They are the new frontier of fashion art and at the BORDER exhibit they join forces to give a unique insight into the freedom evolving technology that allows to erase distinctions and voice their agenda in the arts. 

“Petra Collins leads a new wave of feminism through photography”- CR FashionBook

“Campbell Addy is putting race and sexuality at the forefront of fashion”- ID

“bessnyc4 – the Instagram account splicing fashion campaigns with porn, bondage and horror movie gore”- Dazed

“Shooting intimate portraits of his friends, collaborators and lovers as they cross the City of Light in a whirl of hedonistic youth, Pierre Ange-Carlotti is the documentarian of Paris' 21st century youth.”- ID


Maria Pasenau, Extraweg, Nate Walton and Sharna Osborne were the artist selection for the 2018 edition. This year’s focus was the crossing point of the established and new. Nate Walton´s photographs reflects the 70´s era with the soft LA light and peach colored hues, naked women and landscapes. He has been deleted from Instagram 3 times, therefor his Instagram name @natewalton4. Sharna Osborne creates films and photography with an 80s flair in both lighting and edit and has become a regular for publications such as Vogue, Love and I-D magazine. Extraweg/Oliver Latta landed The Valentino Candystud campaign after gaining over 400k followers on Instagram with his mesmerizing film GIFs. Maria Pasenau is the first Norwegian artist to join the Border exhibition. Her unfiltered documentary-style photography and films captures a new generation of Oslo´s youth culture.

The National Museums location Mellomstasjonen housed the Border exhibit in a collaboration with COLLECTIVE and The National Museum in Oslo. The museum was transformed with lighting, soundscapes, projections and wall constructions. 4500 people came to see the exhibit and mingle with the artists. 


"I like fashion as much as the next guy, but my photos don’t usually have much clothing in them."
– Nate Walton