Bob Recine + Bjarne Melgaard


BLOOD, STONES AND CERTAIN BEASTS features Bjarne Melgaard and Bob Recine’s combined creations, melting the universes of the two artists into refreshingly new expressions. Paint, plastic, hair, make-up, doll-like figures and various other elements juxtapose their individual work.

The experimental interdisciplinary studio Void has created site specific light sculptures for the exhibitions, thus challenging the traditional way to view art, aiming to change the perception of the total experience.

As part of an on-going collaboration with Bjarne Melgaard, Snøhetta created a set of interdependent pedestals for Bjarne’s sculptures – adding a new yet fusional dimension, mirroring their shape. Importance has been placed on function and support, facilitating a new angle of experience. Bendik Baksaas collaborated with the design hub VOID to create an interactive light and sound scape. 

The exhibition was launched as a one day only exhibition at Skur 13 in Oslo. The 1700m2 location was designed so it felt intimate and the interactive lighting and soundscape lead the audience around the space.


"I unify all of my seemingly varied worlds — of 'fashion', of 'art', of 'study' — for people to see that all is interconnected"

– Bob Recine