Arielle Chiara

"A Bite and A Body. You can draw the lines if it pleases you."



City of residence, Los Angeles, CA



Born in Los Angeles in 1994. Currently pursuing a BA in Studio Art and Environmental Science, has studied at Parsons and Eugene Lang at The New School, Paris College of Art, School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Pomona and Pitzer College and participated in residencies and workshops at A-Z West and Anderson Ranch. She is based in LA and works in sculpture, photography, installation and experimental art fashion label Nautae, with Zoe Bleu and Darius Khonsary. Her work has been featured in Novembre Magazine, Dazed Magazine, SHOWstudio Blog, LOVE magazine, Cixou72, Bohemian Magazine, and in Pomp and Snoot’s ‘Monkey Trouble’ music video.

Untitled Pool Narcissus Archive.jpg


COL: What is your general vision as an artist?
AC: Seepy Soppy with mouth dripping and muddy fingernails.

COL: What motivates you (main inspiration/muse)?
AC: The desert tooth rocks which were once the bottom of a sea, the path water takes through the sand, carving, Feeling and the movement of landscape.

COL: Why did you choose this particular artistic medium?
AC: I enjoy photography as a point of entry to a space created within an image, a feeling space. Textile is strong in its symbol, function, history, materiality...also feeling space, but an outward expansion as vessel for the feeling body. Clothing is highly sensate and heavy with memory in its fibers, especially so with antique fabrics and their hidden histories.

COL: What is your idea of the perfect piece of art?
AC: A purple and blue painted desert, a petrified forest, a sea of gypsum, an opal buried in sandstone, these processes.

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COL: What - in your opinion - is the main difference between fashion and art?
AC: A Bite and A Body. You can draw the lines if it pleases you.

COL: What is your definition of beautiful?
AC: When it looks good and tastes good too and you leave Hungry with a Full belly.

COL: How do you choose to interact with/ ignore or use commerce in your work?
AC: Our community is more so one of borrowing and giving in regards to clothing most
of all, our textiles thus far have been constructed in a manner counter to any form of mass production, more sculptural, hand worked in latex and antique shredded silk slips. We have pieces off with friends all over the place, thats more so the intention, to share her feeling.

COL: Is there a message to be read from your work, politically or otherwise?
AC: Only Symbols and Senses

COL: How has digital media opened up creative possibilities for you as an artist?
AC: I feel that the digital sphere itself has allowed the individual greater understanding of the invisible, we are more able to feel into the half veiled. I believe this can allow for a greater intuitive understanding of the bodily and sensory experience, the
phenomena of impression and obscured experience I am interested in.

COL: What is your greatest extravagance?
AC: I Treat myself at all times.

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COL: What other artistic field would you like to excel in?
AC: I have a lot to learn, I am really only at the very very start.

COL: How would you describe your signature style?
AC: Slippery When Wet

COL: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
AC: The length of my hair.

COL: Where do you pull your references?
AC: Mostly from the rocks, from the desert, the Present Past, also from Instagram.

COL: What is uncontaminated to you?
AC: The deepest carved caves, thick cake of sea things on rocks, beds of sandstone and sloping breasts of mudstone, fresh garlic cloves, fingernail filings, chance and unfolding.