COLLECTIVE is a creative partner. We create experiences for people to engage and connect. We implement art in our work and find inspiration in cross-diciplinairy collaborations. We recklessly seek the most vibrant frequency in art and fashion.

Every year in October we arrange the COLLECTIVE OSLO FASHION ART FESTIVAL where we in 3 years established itself as an arena to explore the new frontier of fashion art incorporating digital media.

The collective Festival


After 3 years of Uncontaminated, the founders entered a new and exciting venture in October 2018, COLLECTIVE OSLO FASHION ART FESTIVAL. Witness the most intriguing work from the world’s leading artists, including trailblazing up-and-coming talents from all around the world.

The festival has been described by 10 Magazine as «all about being challenged, provoked, and pleasantly surprised», and has managed to become a pioneering arena and an important measure for art in Norway with more than 23.000 visitors and a digital reach of 7 million people, whilst the live stream from the 2017 talks reached 2000 people per talk through Facebook.

The curators and creators behind the festival are seeing an in- creased interest in both fashion and art merged together, especially within the younger generation, they are questioning authority, media and art like never before and this is why the festival has had major success with the younger audience of Oslo, Norway.

The earlier editions of the festival have, in the words of LOVE Magazine, «featured some of the strongest image makers of the next generation». In the past 3 years we have exhibited the new frontiers of artists such as Sølve Sundsbø, Petra Collins, Michal Pudelka, Bob Recine, Bjarne Melgaard, bessnyc4, Coco Capital, Charlie Engman, Isabelitavirtual, Lea Colombo, Charlotte Wales, Johnny Dufort, Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton, Synchrodogs, Arielle Chiara, Amanda Charchian, Pierre Ange Carlotti, Campbell Addy, Samantha Casolari, Vicki King, Eloise Parry and many more. 

This years composition of talent stretched far and wide across the world with remarkable works and talks from Extraweg, Nate Walton, Sharna Osborne, Maria Pasenau, Kit Wan, Edda Gimnes, Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir, Bendik Giske, Eirik Lyster, Adrian Platkovsky, Guttestreker, Mikkel Wennesland, Søster Studio, Merilin Kolk, Just Loomis and Dusan Reljin among others.

The Collective Fashion Art Festival 2018 is organized and curated by Hilde Pettersen Reljin and Emil Stedje Heggestad in a collaboration with Riccardo Ruini of Riccardo Ruini Studio


The Collective team


Thank you to our generous and inspiring PARTNERS for supporting COLLECTIVE. Because of you we have become a platform where artists and designers can exchange their passion and creativity.

Thank you AKER BRYGGE for letting us create the AKER BRYGGE TAKEOVER with exhibits and events happening all over the Dock. Empty office spaces, street level, restaurants and outdoors spaces.

Thank you MICROSOFT for letting us integrate technology into our exhibits and festival hub Mellomstasjonen. The Sharna Osborne exhibit is made possible through Microsoft screens and Surface pads. Our press wall is this year an interactive Surface Hub. The festival program and external links are also easily navigated with a swipe on the Hub.

Thank you EPSON, LUTH, CHROMALUXE AND COPYCAT for believing in us! Through your support emerging artists such as Edda Gimnes and Kit Wan can include bold prints in their FW2019 collections and artists like Maria Pasenau, Sharna Osborne and Dusan Reljin being able to show their art in different print forms. We love the EPSON vision, technology and approach to fashion and art:

Truls Qvale: Paper Print

Rachel Wolfe: Paper Print

Pernille Sandberg: Paper Print

Celine Aagard: Paper Print

Julian Karlsen: Paper Print

Christian Husan: Paper Print

Tord Torpe: Paper Print

Lyssky: Paper Print

Derek Ercolano: Paper Print

Helle Navratil: Paper Print

Nate Walton: Paper print + Chromaluxe

Sharna Osborne: Wallpaper

Maria Pasenau: Fabric print

Extraweg: Chromaluxe

Just Loomis: Vinyl panels

Dusan Reljin: Chromaluxe

Berglind Ronvaldsdottir: Paper Print

Kit Wan: Fabric print

Edda Gimnes: Fabric print

Jennifer Tzar: Paper Print

You can order your own high quality Cromalux at CopyCat Fine Art.

Thank you NASJONALMUSEET for recognising the the importance of the COLLECTIVE festival. Together we stand stronger. We are looking forward to the Exhibit Launches, Opening Party and Great TALKS Program at MELLOMSTASJONEN.

Thank you RICCARDO RUINI for planting the seed for the festival with us! Through your vision and collaboration we have launched exhibitions year after year that get recognised internationally as well as here in Norway.

To Oslo Kommune - Thank you for believing in us!